Maurizio Solís Broca

I´m a Mexican-Canadian wedding photographer. Since my early years, art, specially painting, was a huge influence in my life. Its incredible how some artists can provoque emotions and create beauty from a blank canvas. I´m fascinated with coherence of shapes in space. I learned photography way back in year 2000 but became a professional photographer in 2011. 


My beautiful wife and and my two kids are the reason I do this, I finally understood the value of the photography as a piece of history and for families, photographs will become the most cherished treasures. I love those kind of images that make you think and feel and maybe some may not understand at first sight, photos that defy the logical thinking. I´m a guy with one feet on the ground and the other one step ahead. I say hello to you.


My clients are happy and that´s what I feel the most, but....for those who care about AWARDS, I´ve been honoured many times by the most important wedding photography communities in the world.

Thank you all.

Contest Judge Winter 2016

4 Top 20 Awards 


55 Mywed international awards

1st Montreal, Canada Photographer

3th Canada Photographer

Top ranked Mexico City´s Photographers

Top 10 Mexico´s Photographers